We build humanity into our process,
curveballs and all.

Follow our step by step process

1. Before the toolbelts

Step one is a series of casual conversations. Now’s the time to bring your ideas and Pinterest boards to the table. We’ll then talk budgets and draw rough floorplans to settle on a Scope Of Works. 

If you’re working with an architect, it’s great to talk to us in tandem at this time too. This means we can provide estimates before you go too far down the architectural process, and suggest tweaks to nudge costs down if need be.

We then move into the designing, moodboards, and cost estimates phase – when we assemble our trusted trades and craftspeople who we’ll oversee. After sign off, we finalise any architectural drawings, certifications and council submissions (if required). Then it’s a matter of sourcing and buying all the items and materials needed for the project (while updating the budget).


2. Major works

Toolbelts on. We start with any demolition that’s needed, then commence any structural changes (like knocking out and building walls). Our plumbing and electrical trades then show up on site to weave all the pipes and cables through the frame works. The last big phase is sheeting, AKA putting the house back together again. 

Throughout this all, you’ll have access to daily play-by-plays via our client portal, so you know exactly what’s going on. This portal includes a live schedule, live finances, and logs with photos and words summing up each day’s work.


3. Smaller works

Next is when the finished picture really starts to snap into focus – when all our trades come back to finish off installing the new fittings, cabinetry, lights, taps, appliances, surfaces, items and more.

4. Final touches

The last thing for us to do is a final clean before handing your home back over to you. We’ll walk you through the finished renovation, nix any niggling concerns, and enjoy a beverage or two once all’s said and done.

The feedback cycle

A cornerstone of our process is constant communication.
Our client portal also gives you total visibility over each day’s work, live finances and the schedule.

Curveballs happen

That’s why we build contingencies within contingencies into the budget and timeline. Throughout it all there’ll be ample warnings about upcoming milestones, and moments to pause, regroup, and listen.


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